We are excited that you wish to join up as a Haunted Location or a Ghost Hunting Team in 2019's World's Largest Ghost Hunt! This is our fourth annual, sure to be even the most exciting! We ask you to apply your interest. so that we can assure that we will be a good fit working together. Keep in mind, this is not just a single dated event. We will be sharing a journey together so that we can achieve our mutually agreed purpose. 

The process is easy!

  1. Find a location/ghost hunting team to participate
  2. Agree to the terms of the event. (See our Purpose below).
  3. Register your location and team
  4. We will send you the promotional kit and the details for holding the event
  5. Prepare for the Event:  Organize, Collaborate with all surrounding teams, Promote, Ghost Hunt
  6. Hold the Ghost Hunting Event
  7. Donate funds to the historic property (or charity of choice)
  8. Submit your results for the world to see your work!
  9. Be proud of what you have done!

Download an Information Sheet: An Easy Overview of the Process

Running this event is very work and capital-intensive. 

Due to the grassroots efforts of how this event is held, this year we are requiring a $50 Registration Fee from USA-Based Locations. (International Teams are excluded). This fee may be paid by either the location, the team, or combined.

This nominal fee will help cover the costs of all the benefits that are exchanged for being part of this.  The team and the location will receive 100% of all funds raised during this event, as well as incredible recognition in the paranormal investigation industry.  

Read the WLGH Participation Benefits


Our Purpose

Community Goodwill: Historic Preservation 

Want more of a reason to be part of this experience? Your participation will help raise money to support the historic properties that are being investigated. Each team will have the option of opening up ticket sales for the general audience to participate and watch a professional ghost hunt in action.

The proceeds will then remain 100% with the property they are investigating. In addition, you will be part of a public education effort. Our efforts will demonstrate to all what true paranormal investigation is, its dedication to technique, skill, and experience. 

Paranormal Collaboration & Research.

Be part of the largest paranormal research effort ever held! For the first time ever, thousands will unite for the purpose of speaking to the spirit and hearing their messages. This collaboration leads to friendships and professional alliances across the oceans.  Ultimately, this will add even more integrity and value to the paranormal investigation field. 

In addition, volumes of evidence will be submitted and cataloged to be part of our annual reveal. The goal of this research is to evaluate the impact on paranormal evidence collected while a mega volume of ghost hunting investigations is simultaneously held from coast-to-coast. 

Through our newly established organization,
Historic Haunted Preservatory,
the World's Largest Ghost Hunt event
will promote and facilitate donations for
each of the featured Historic Haunted Properties.

Each property will keep 100% of donations raised through this world-wide event!


  "All great things, requires  commitment, for only then is the  value set."  



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