In attracting attendees and optimize your visibility: 


  • Promote your event with social media and local press releases.
  • Ask your pet shelter to help you spread the word through their mailing list and social media contacts.
  • Have a promotion day at the shelter and set up a table to sell tickets.
  • Send out press releases to your local media organizations. We will be sending you a recommended version that you could use.  Remember, this is a charitable cause which most are happy to help with. 
  • Create a Facebook event and share on our group. We will cross promote it, as will others. 
  • Get air time on local radio / television stations.
  • Many of the online ticket sales agents do not charge charitable events. Consider connecting with them.


In enhancing paranormal community unity:


  • Purchase in commemorative National Ghost Hunting Day T-Shirt and wear it as you promote the event. 
  • Use Hashtags #ParaUnity and #NationalGhostHuntingDay #LargestGhostHunt to stay engaged and interact within social medias.
  • Download  the “National Ghost Hunting Day” facebook profile overlay and show your support.
  • Friend your colleagues on Social Media Outlets.  Our State directory will give you a jump with Facebook Pages
  • Interact on Facebook Page “National Ghost Hunting Day”. 


In show-casing your event during the investigation:


  • Learn how to do Live-Streams on Facebook Live. (We will be sending information on how to do this).