For 2021 World's Largest Ghost Hunt

We reached out to some of the most chilling and haunted places in the world and created


Offering a fair "Pay Per View" option, this is a private viewing collection that will
help further support historic preservation efforts and
help sustain our cost in producing this incredible annual event. 

By being part of THE VAULT you are helping our purpose.

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How does it work?

Enter the vault where the most dreaded Ghost Hunting Live-Streams around the world will be released in one lunar cycle on National Ghost Hunting Day! During the "World's Largest Ghost Hunt", over 100 paranormal investigation teams will be in the most stunning and haunted locations around the world!  The globe will sizzle with investigations coordinated and synchronized to start at their prime ghost hunting time and most live streaming when elements permit it. 

Eight premiere properties have been selected to be part of any exclusive access collection called "The Vault". Never has been done. 15 hours of non-stop paranormal investigations will showcase 8 of the most revered haunted properties around the world, on the very same day.

With the power of Livestream and months of preparation, you can be a part of this for a small fee.  Each property is offered à la carte or as part of the "VIP VAULT" Bundle, where full access to all 8 investigations is provided. This is the best value!  The best part is, you will have unlimited access to these for a full year at any time!  

Experience (In order of their virtual presentation):

  • Leap Castle in Ireland
  • Tillie Pierce House in Gettysburg PA
  • Ancient Ram Inn in England
  • Bran's Castle in Romania
  • Waverly Hills in Kentucky USA
  • Skirrid Inn in Wales
  • The Ohio Reformatory in Ohio USA
  • The Conjuring House in Rhode Island USA

Discount Price Tickets | Marc Savard | Vegas Comedy ...

Proceeds of revenues from the "pay per view" will be evenly distributed with all of the fore-mentioned that have accepted these donations. Some proceeds are also applied to cover operational and promotional costs this event necessitates and employs. The organizers and volunteers of this event follow and file as a Social Enterprise Organization and do not have a 501C3 status. 

The World's Largest Ghost Hunting Event™ and any other National Ghost Hunting Day™'s (or its affiliated events') dates, speakers, agenda, or other components related to the event(s), may be subject to change or cancellation as a response to issues that damage or compromise the event(s) success, presentation, organization or solvency.   

Successful Live-Streaming, although strived for, cannot be guaranteed. Conditions that the properties, investigators, and the live-stream producers endure during these (often time) difficult filming productions may, at times, lead to uncontrollable disruptions in product delivery.  
Prices of Livestreams:
  • "À La Carte":  Single Investigation Livestreams starting at $7.00 USD
  • "VIP Vault":    $29USD/per person:  Includes all streams, packaged and can be viewed repetitively for 12 months. 

Livestream Schedule

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