Being part of the World's Largest Ghost Hunt is an investment with all the participants involved with it, whether you are a property, paranormal investigation team or an enthusiast that is considering being part of our volunteer team!

Benefits to a Haunted Property:

Download an INFORMATIONAL SHEET as a resource for you and your colleagues. 

The Impact:

  • Fundraising efforts from event ticket donations to your location's event. 100% of donations that are collected at your event will stay with the historic site.

  • Fantastic publicity! With our planned promotional activities and associations with incredible media agents, your location will recognized for its dedication and commitment to this industry. Properties will be introduced around the world through international promotion, strong social media presence, media presentations, listing on websites! 

  • Properties will be showcased during international live streams and a large web-site host with strong media presence (to be announce soon). 

  • After WLGH, you will be invited to participate in the "Reveal of WLGH Evidence" celebration

Locations will receive:

Benefits to a Investigation Team:

The Impact:

  • A close relationship with all participating haunted properties and fellow paranormal investigators are established. 

  • Public recognition of your contribution to assist with historic preservation efforts

  • Listed in all the associated listings with the property you are represented

  • A chance to collect, submit and have your investigational data/evidence showcased world wide 

  • Strong media mention and publicity recognition


Benefits to Volunteers:

The Impact:

  • Same as above (under Investigation Team), plus...

  • A direct relationship with our Leadership and Advisory Board

  • Volunteer PERKS and PROMOTIONS

  • 2019 WLGH Commemorative T-Shirt




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