The World's Largest Ghost Hunt™
will celebrate its seventh anniversary on
Saturday, September 24, 2022

Celebrate the official National Ghost Hunting Day™ by being part of this Epic Event… the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt™. This celebration will introduce the world to the paranormal investigation experience. Paranormal enthusiasts of all levels (especially the novice!) are invited to experience what a true and authentic ghost hunt offers. Simultaneously taking place around the world, this event has been drawing thousands internationally to the spirit-seeking experience. 

By participating live at the actual local event or via web live-streaming, thousands will witness our purpose, whose core centers around community service to historic preservation. In addition, it elicits public awareness for para-psychology studies and traditional techniques in evidence collection. With this, we strive to get more people engaged in the paranormal phenomenon industry. 

How the event will be organized

Each year, starting in the spring, Paranormal Teams and Haunted Properties from every continent join forces to execute the largest simultaneous ghost hunt tradition.  Impressively, each year the event steadily grows in numbers, while preserving its dedication to its original purpose and intent.  

On September 24th,  all the selected and registered ghost hunting teams will simultaneously start their investigations at their associated haunted locations. Paranormal Live Streaming and Social Media collaboration will be the platform for its exhibition!  

The selected haunted international locations are found with our tools, an Interactive Map, and the Participating Locations database list. 


The Live Stream!

Each Ghost Hunting Team and Location will be asked to LIVE-STREAM so that the rest of the world can witness their paranormal investigation of their selected historic site. 

We are currently in the developmental phase with Paranormal Warehouse and their production company. This year we will be implementing a full production company and their services to help take this year's live stream to the next level. As we implement this system, we will update you here. Trust us - this year will be next-level!

Some may be Warm-Up Investigations. Some may be just informational about the grand event. Regardless, you can schedule to view as many as you wish. You will actually get reminders as well!  You can also subscribe to the different Ghost Hunting Channels brought to you by our esteemed participants. A new world to view the paranormal is being offered for you! 

Goals for World's Largest Ghost Hunt™

In 2022, in addition of premiering our purpose for historic preservation through the haunted, we will be complementing it with two themes that have evolved from our work in previous years...

Preserving Historical Properties through the haunted

There is no doubt that many are motivated to explore the mystery and history of a structure that has been around for a very long time. But trends in adventure traveling have opened up opportunities for turning these desires into formal gatherings where the supernatural becomes the core. By introducing these historical gems through our world-wide stage, the world is invited to further continue the journey to see what has been left behind.

And National Ghost Hunting Day™'s World's Largest Ghost Hunt Day™ will. Please sign up for our mailing list to get an alert on where you will find them!

Exploring Cultural Diversity Influences within the Ghost Hunting field through our world

Each region around the world believes, engages, and captures supernatural phenomena with different techniques and styles. Cultural diversity is one of the most significant influences on the overall acceptance and outcomes of paranormal investigators.

The World's Largest Ghost Hunt offers the best opportunities not just to showcase these differences but compare them amongst each other. What will be the reaction between a séance being performed in a Victorian Parlour in Australia versus an Ouija board session being held in a Gaol in mystical Ireland?  Join our mailing list to find out! 

Please note... 

The World's Largest Ghost Hunting Event™ and any other National Ghost Hunting Day™'s (or its affiliated events') dates, speakers, agenda, or other components related to the event(s), may be subject to change or cancellation as a response to issues that damage or compromise the event(s) success, presentation, organization or solvency.   

For more information see our Terms and Conditions Page. 



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